Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are you a Pantser?

If you think there's one right way to write a book, better think again.

Some authors are planners and some, quite frankly, are not. If you were to ask a handful of authors what their writing process was, you better believe you'll get a handful of different answers. I guess the real question is, is one way better than another? An avid outliner might scoff at a pantser's method as too chaotic and relying on chance, where a pantser might protest that an outliner takes all the creative freedom of writing away.

I freely admit that I began as a wild and free pantser. Sure, I knew the beginning and end of my story, but what happened in between presented itself as I wrote. Do I outline now? Not exactly, but I do plan a bit more. I find myself wanting to pick out important benchmarks in my stories before I go hog wild.

Could it be that the answer lies somewhere in the middle? What's your writing process?

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Tristi was FABulous!!!