Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MoviesTo Books

When I start writing, I first have little movie trailers running through my thoughts. I see the funny bits or sometimes the moments that are leading up to all hell breaking loose right before the climax. I never know the whole story until I start writing, then as I get closer I figure that part out. I don't have massive outlines. I don't know who all the characters will be or what their personalities are like. And I think I prefer to write this way. I like the story unfolding as I write and not knowing every detail before I start. I find, for me, the lack of knowing all the pieces is more entertaining and holds my attention.

So, how do you write? Do you find it works better to outline everything, chapter by chapter? Do you know anything about the story before you start? Do you plot the tension points? Have you tried another way? How did that work out for you?

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Canda said...

I plot the big events and leave the little things to be discovered while drafting.