Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Last year on Dec. 28th I posted some new year's resolutions for writing on my blog post at Utah Valley Writers Blog.

So it's been a year--time to check up on myself.

The black are the goals and the blue are the results:
Write another novel--Finished "Damnation"
Attend a writing conference--Went to LDStorymakers
Pitch a finished manuscript to an agent--pitched to Sara Crowe
Join a critique group--nope, didn't do this one
Query agents for a manuscript--yes, sent queries for "Wish Thief"
Read a professional book on writing, revising or editing every month--no, I've missed some months
Meet regularly with other writers (Maybe at the League meetings! Oh–and bring friends.)--yes, with League of Utah Writers and with ANWA
Set a word count goal of ______ words per (day/week/month)--no, didn't set a word count goal
Enter a piece in a writing contest--entered the first chapter contest
For the 2012 year, my goals are:
Finish Delia's Story
Start and finish another novel
Take a writing course at the college
Pitch a story to an agent
Query "Damnation"
Read professional books
Set monthly goals (on paper) and keep track of progress

Henry Moore (Artist & Sculptor) said, "I think more in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's."

Maybe the habits I want would be more successful if I set little goals that I could track each day. Like: Each day this week I'll add to Delia's Story.

What goals are you setting for the new year? What do you think of resolutions?


Cindy M Hogan author of Watched said...

I'm sort of the "goal less" type. Maybe that's why I find it so hard to outline.... You did amazing on your goals. Wow! And you did join a critique group-Critters, right?

Donna K. Weaver said...

My goals:

*Query A Change of Plans
*Finalize cover in case I self-publish
*Finish 2011 NaNo project in time to give to granddaughter's birthday in July (she's the main character).
*Work through issues with SciFi and do simple outline for turning it into a trilogy
*Get basic outline for 2012 NaNo project
*Attend LTUE, Storymaker, LUW conference, AI retreat

Pam Williams said...

Great motivation, Canda. I have to finish two Book of Mormon novels/manuscripts by February 14 because Trist gave me a deadline. Then it's the rewrite-and-pitch routine. And after that it's pitch, pitch, pitch on my contemporary trilogy. Then I need to plot out a couple of ideas and tweak a contemporary fantasy, and a wacky British comedy that's been buzzing around in my head for years. Have to get a fourth Book of Mormon novel outlined and plotted (and named), and maybe work a little on the pioneer musical that drifts on and off my radar screen. First, however, I need to get my office cleaned and set up my color printer so I can use it, now that we've been here two years... Well, you asked.

Carlajo said...

I am going to write the second in my Hawk series, Slide. I am going to put Twitch out on Kindle, and try my best to find a publisher for Pivot Point. I need to finish putting my geneology on Family Search and finsih putting my journals and life story (thus far) on the computer. Oh, and paint my bedroom. The colors making me crazy.

Kristy said...

Thanks for this- you're the inspiration for my latest blog post at kristystories.blogspot.com