Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Writing Right Now

There you are with a nice, long, rare, undisturbed two hours. Time to write right? Yes! You sit down at your computer, pull up your work in progress and. . .nothing. So what now? Facebook? Pinterest? MSN? No.
Here's how I get through that writers hurdle of getting going.

First: I cannot write with out music. I have lots of play lists. Some for the book as a whole and others that are upbeat, sad, exciting, etc... whatever helps me get into the emotional head of my character in the current scene. Head phones are a must or I'll chat with whomever wonders by, check out the commercial on TV or whatever. It helps me focus.

Second: I have a rule about quitting time. Whenever I think that nothing is happening and I want to stop I have to go for 15 minutes more, if I'm still really struggling and nothing is coming then I try again later or the next day, usually by then I have caught an idea and things are moving along. If I happen to not have an idea I think about it a lot until I have writing time again, by then it's easier.

Third: Making room for witting is important. If I can't write I'm thinking of the story when I can and jotting down notes in a little notebook I take everywhere. Sitting outside waiting to pick up my kids from school, at the doctors office, where ever. I also try and carve out at least a hour each day more if I can sneak it in. But the hour is vital. No blogging FB, Pinterest allowed during that time, only novel writing. Having a specific time helps me focus. Just like eating lunch at the same time you are ready to eat by then because you are used to it. If you write at the same time you will find it getting easier because you are used to it.  :)

So, how do you get going and stay there?


Laura Josephsen said...

I needed this advice right now. I have time to write, I NEED to do it, and I keep getting distracted--"I need to refresh blogger! I need to keep on top of this, that, and the other!"

Nooo, what I need is to write. So, thank you for this--I'm off to do it.

Canda said...

I've been having a hard time finding time (making time) for writing. But this last week I've tried to force myself and It's working. Sometimes you just have to fight through the wall.

Jayrod Garrett said...

I love the part about writing with music. I don't need music to blog, but I do need music when I am trying to get inside a characters head to write. WIthout the right mood music I just never can get anything done.