Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What Holds You Back?

We all get hung up on different things in life, things that hold us back and keep us from achieving the goals we have set for ourselves. Sometimes those things are real - we have to take care of a sick child, we have to work overtime, we become ill ourselves. Sometimes those things are imagined - we aren't smart enough, we aren't brave enough, we don't deserve to be successful.

Every one of us will face those challenges. No one is exempt. The key now is to determine what you're going to do about it.

It's true that you may face a challenge that requires you to give up writing for a time. You may find it literally impossible to squeeze in an extra moment into your day. But we're not talking about physical limitations right now - we're talking about mental limitations. There are never any limits to your goals, your dreams, and your belief system - unless you put them there.

I've been watching old episodes of The Biggest Loser on Hulu lately. I was particularly impressed by contestant Moses, who lost a hundred pounds on the ranch faster than anyone else to date. It's also fun that he is a member of my religion. Anyway, he suffered an injury and he wasn't able to exercise. But his trainer showed him how to shadow box, and he sat on the corner of his bed and shadow boxed every day until he was strong enough to exercise again. He literally could not perform the tasks physically, but mentally, he was taking care of business, and as soon as his body healed, he was right back in the game to go on to set a record. He did not let his very real injury hold him back.

No matter what you are currently facing, whether it be fear of the unknown or doubt in yourself, whether it be a lack of time or poor health - no matter what it is, there are ways to push past it. There are ways to keep mentally in the game. It's when you allow your mind to shut down and to stop working on your dreams that you really miss the boat. As long as you can keep your spark alive with the positive workings of your mind, it doesn't matter what you're currently facing. You are on the path. You are making headway. If you're a runner but you're in bed with a broken leg, you're only defeated when you stop making plans to succeed. If you're a writer who can't find the time to create, you're only defeated when you stop using your imagination.

Think about it - what's holding you back? Then think about it again - how can you defeat that thing? Is it a matter of time, of introspection, of education? And how do you get that thing? You can do it. It's within you to do it. Stop letting those things hold you back, and instead, use them to propel yourself to greater heights than ever before.

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Donna K. Weaver said...

This is an awesome post, Tristi. It really is all in your head.

Just ask my hubby. lol