Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mark Your Calendar

There are a couple of awesome events happening in the next few months and I know you all want to know so here's the scoop:

1st: We are currently in the middle of our participation auction. There's still plenty of time to rack up points so scroll own if you need more info.

2nd: Our Spring on the NING workshop is May 19th. A workshop taught and attended on the NING*. Awesome information and no travel required, what's not to love? :) To vote on classes taught, the poll is on the right hand of the blog.

3rd: On July 27th and 28th we are holding our first annual summer conference in American Fork, UT. Two whole days packed with fun, prizes and tons of amazing classes. Watch for registration and class information. It's going to be one event that you don't want to miss!

4th:  We are planning the Fall workshop for October 20th and it's coming together nicely, save the date and come learn with us. :)

*The NING is an online community we've set up for writers, join by clicking HERE.