Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A New Way to Chat

by Donna K. Weaver

Over the past year, we on the iWriteNetwork board have noticed that our members use the chat room on the ning rather than the other functions available. In order to conserve expenses, we've add a Chat App to the iWriteNetwork blog here.

You'll have noticed the green bar across the top. Click on it to register--simple and free--and you can join in on chats just like you've done on the ning. Soon, the ning will go away.

Please let us know what you think in the comments.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Writing Resolutions

   With New Years come and gone I have yet to set a resolution. I was told once that you shouldn't set a bunch of goals all at once for yourself because you spread yourself too thin trying to accomplish all those new things. Rather, set a goal to focus on for a few months then add another and another a few later. . .you get the idea. I like it.
   So goal for Jan-March 1st: revise Damnation. Focus and be brutally honest with what works. Strengthening the prose, plot and emotion. Emotion is hard for me, anyone else? No? *looks around* No? Okay. :)
    March through June I want to FINALLY finish a book I've been doing bits and pieces on for 6 years! That's as far as I've plotted out so far, I'm hoping the June-Sept 1st goal will be more obvious as I get closer.
   What about you? How do you set your writing goals? What are you working on?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Read any good movies lately?

Okay all you big readers out there: What do Hunger Games, Twlight, Life of Pi and The Lorax all have in common? Right, they all started out their Hollywood Stardom as lowly manuscripts--novels or books.

Over the holiday, I watched The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien)
I loved the book and hoped the movie would be a good representation of it. And it was. So many times they aren't. Shopaholic was an example of a good book gone movie-bad. No they weren't the same story--at all. Many years ago I had a similar experience with Huckleberry Finn--why would you mess with Twain?--and the ending was completely different. Oh, well.

While watching the previews there were several other upcoming movies that were from books I recognized:

The Host (Stephanie Meyer)
After reading the book, I thought it would make a great tv series. There seems to be a lot of possibilities for where the new population of the Earth as well as the surviving few of the human population could take the conflict.
Release date: March 29th?
The previews drew me in, so yeah, I'll buy this ticket.

The book Beautiful Creatures (Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl) is also coming to the big screen.
Release Date: Feb. 1st?
If you enjoy dark, tales of witches on Southern plantations--which I do--this is one you will want to pencil in to go to.

Warm Bodies (Isaac Marion) Turns out I read a lot of zombie and pseudo-zombie books. First off--how can it not be funny that a young-man zombie (no pulse) falls in love and is suddenly alive-ish?  Full of inner-dialogue for a normal teen-aged guy trapped in a dead body. Everything he thinks comes out in moans and grunts, and it's hard to walk like you're cool when your foot drags. This is a creative, original twist for the zombie genre. High hopes for the movie!
Release Date: Also Feb. 1st?
Here are some of the covers for this book:

Yeah, I think these authors have a good business plan going...
New Year's Resolution: Write a great story, 
sell the book, sell the movie rights,
 watch my story on the big screen.