Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Read any good movies lately?

Okay all you big readers out there: What do Hunger Games, Twlight, Life of Pi and The Lorax all have in common? Right, they all started out their Hollywood Stardom as lowly manuscripts--novels or books.

Over the holiday, I watched The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien)
I loved the book and hoped the movie would be a good representation of it. And it was. So many times they aren't. Shopaholic was an example of a good book gone movie-bad. No they weren't the same story--at all. Many years ago I had a similar experience with Huckleberry Finn--why would you mess with Twain?--and the ending was completely different. Oh, well.

While watching the previews there were several other upcoming movies that were from books I recognized:

The Host (Stephanie Meyer)
After reading the book, I thought it would make a great tv series. There seems to be a lot of possibilities for where the new population of the Earth as well as the surviving few of the human population could take the conflict.
Release date: March 29th?
The previews drew me in, so yeah, I'll buy this ticket.

The book Beautiful Creatures (Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl) is also coming to the big screen.
Release Date: Feb. 1st?
If you enjoy dark, tales of witches on Southern plantations--which I do--this is one you will want to pencil in to go to.

Warm Bodies (Isaac Marion) Turns out I read a lot of zombie and pseudo-zombie books. First off--how can it not be funny that a young-man zombie (no pulse) falls in love and is suddenly alive-ish?  Full of inner-dialogue for a normal teen-aged guy trapped in a dead body. Everything he thinks comes out in moans and grunts, and it's hard to walk like you're cool when your foot drags. This is a creative, original twist for the zombie genre. High hopes for the movie!
Release Date: Also Feb. 1st?
Here are some of the covers for this book:

Yeah, I think these authors have a good business plan going...
New Year's Resolution: Write a great story, 
sell the book, sell the movie rights,
 watch my story on the big screen.

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ali cross said...

LOL I love that resolution Canda! And I had no idea Warm Bodies was coming out as a movie! Surprise!