Wednesday, June 26, 2013

INDIEpendence Day Fun

There are lots of fun ways to highlight books and authors you love. 

The Indelibles are holding a fun event for July 4th and are inviting everyone to be a part. That means you!

This is an awesome way to give a fun shout out to one of your favorite authors. In this special hop you get to highlight an independent author-that's an author who is self-published or with a small press.

Even though this event is all about serving others, you'll find you get a lot back in return for participating. The best thing, of course, is making new friends.

Jump over to their blog and join the fun! I can't wait. Click here.

By the way...have you signed up to learn from Howard Taylor and Greg Park, yet? Get a move on, the workshop is only 2 weeks away. Check out the right side bar----

OOh! I just can't wait.

Spread the word. Bring a friend. You won't find a cheaper Workshop with these instructors anywhere.

See you there!

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