Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Opposites Attract

A book I like is called "Inside Out and Upside Down. It's a chick-lit romance where instead of having the couple meet early on in the book they don't meet until the middle. As the reader learns about each character, the characters keep almost meeting but not quite. For example, they are both in the airport and it seems like they have to meet this time, but one turns just before the other reaches that same spot.

Yes, I kept reading and reading and reading to see how they would finally meet.

So I started thinking about how opposites play a key role in writing novels. Sometimes the two main characters themselves are opposites rich-poor, outgoing-shy, powerful-weak, angry-calm.

Another opposite that is very satisfying is when the main character is in an opposite position at the end of the books as they were at the beginning. There are opposites within characters themselves too. The hero needs a flaw and the villain needs a redeeming quality. Or like when the fool says something really brilliant--it may only last a moment but it's a powerful moment.

Many times, it's the tension derived from opposites that makes things happen in the story, and we are pulled apart and attracted at the same time.


Donna K. Weaver said...

I love this!

As for that book, were you satisfied with the way it ended?

Cindy M Hogan said...

My husband and I are definitely opposites and we really attract. Good post