Tuesday, October 29, 2013


by Donna K. Weaver

If you don't already know what NaNoWriMo is (sometimes called NaNo or WriMo), I'm sure you've seen it being mentioned.

So what is it? The video explains.

The key to NaNo is turning off your internal editor. You're not worried about perfection here. You'll fix any plot holes or other problems later when you edit--but don't do that until you've written the dang book!

Check out the NaNoWriMo site--it's all run by donations. There's no cost to sign up, and there are great prizes if you win. Lots of  inspiration and encouragement will be coming your way during these 30 days of insanity. High schools are even getting involved. 

It's an amazing experience, even if you don't hit that 50,000 word mark. I didn't reach it the first year I tried, but I've written three books since. My last year's NaNo project, Torn Canvas, will be coming out in January 2014. 

Our chatroom (click the word chatroom on the light green bar across the top of the blog above) is already active with writing sprints. It will be a fun place to come beginning Friday, November 1st.

So, anyone interested in doing some write-ins? It doesn't just have to be here in Utah. Choose a place with WiFi and let us know. People who can't come in person can participate on the chatroom.

Who's doing NaNo this year?

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Gussie said...

This video is amazing! Thanks so much for posting it. I could listen to it again and again. Good luck to everyone who participates in NaNo this year!