Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Writing Prompts

by Deanna Henderson

Whenever I'm feeling stuck I like to look through writing prompts.There are a few websites that I like, I'll share my top three here.
 I go to Seventh Sanctum because they have a prompt generator and you can choose how many prompts you want, and how complex each should be. I don't always put each prompt into my writing, sometimes I reset it over and over, I find this helps me to think more creative, outside what I typically go for. I wanted 3 of random complexity:

  •  The story ends during a war. During the story, there is an assassination. The story must have a chimera at the beginning. The story must involve a door in it.
  • A character dyes their hair, and the action has far better results than expected. A character is optimistic throughout most of the story. During the story, a character drinks something that disagrees with them.
  • The story takes place a century in the past. During the story, some one's method of transportation breaks down. The story must involve a disk in the beginning. During the story, a character finds a long-lost friend.

For fantasy names, words, and phrases I like The Forge. I have spent a lot of time playing here. I think the random-ness of it is what keeps me so entertained. Here's the first four I got under Spell Forge:

  •  Thord's Untouchable Horde
  •  Unstable Catapult
  •  Unnatural Treaty 
  •  Kull's Sapphire Maiden. 

If it doesn't sound quite right yet, click the word you want to change and it will switch to another suggestion, continue until you like it.

For Plot and Characters among other things, Ran Gen is fun to play with. I looked up World-Law Generator and got:

  •  Arson is neither legal or illegal.

Have you tried random (plot, name, magic, etc...)  generators in your own writing?


Shelli said...

I also like Prompt and Circumstance, Creativity Portal, and Easy Street Prompts. I use Creativity Portal the most, because you can scroll through and choose one you want. Easy Street is a good one for those who like a visual prompt.

Deanna said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm always looking for more and I love the idea of visual prompts, I've used those on my personal blog. I'll have to check them out. :)

Donna K. Weaver said...

Love these suggestions and the links.

AM Woods: alisonmillerwoods.com said...

Those are so much fun! Thank you for posting those. I haven't ever tried random generators before when writing, but they look like a great way to break through a block.