Tuesday, June 3, 2014

5 Reasons Why I Blog

5. Writing helps me know what I'm thinking. Sometimes until I write about something, I haven't fully explored the ideas enough to know what my belief is. Writing helps me collect and express thoughts, then go back and revise to come to a clearer meaning. During the writing process, I've often contradicted myself and have to work at gaining understanding before I can complete the work.

4. I like the consistency of posting each week. Forcing myself to write also requires me to think of a new challenge for myself.

3. Writing a blog is a short-term relationship. Where a novel takes months (or years) to hammer out, a blog takes only days. It's kind of a quick thought-shot, ideas captured at-this-moment-in-time.

2.  Blogging is exercise. I don't always enjoy the process of exercise, but I can say that I've thought of many ideas I would not otherwise had if I hadn't needed to research or brainstorm for a blog post.

1. Captures the process. I write a blog that has two parts. The first is always a book recommendation. So in this way my blog catalogues books I've enjoyed as a reader. The second part of my blog posts is about writing or about myself. It might be a writing tip or a snippet of something I've written recently. I've posted original recipes and quotes I like. So my blog is me on the page.

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Stephanie Faris said...

These all mirror the reasons I blog, as well. I've found the ability to get immediate replies to what you write is also a big benefit to blogging. You don't really have that with fiction!