Tuesday, July 15, 2014

There are 12 1/2 Rules, or so I'm told.

I saw this poster the other day on Pinterest and thought I would share it here. I found it lovely that there are only 12 1/2 rules to being a writer. Sounds easy enough right? :)

But really when you break it down, it resembles more closely the daily ins and outs of writing. Here are the ones I need to work on to become a better author:
1- Writing every day, finding the time, chasing down the muse and pushing through the wall.
2-Stepping back and really being honest with myself about my writing. Did I just skip that paragraph? yeah, I did. My reader will to. Sharpen it or pull it out.
5-Widen my characters interests and looks. I don't fit perfectly in a social norm box, and neither should my characters, make them memorable and as unique as people really are!
8-Some stories are there to just be enjoyed, not necessarily to have a moral, don't stress if mine is on the enjoyment side.
9-Inspiration strikes when you can't find a paper or pen, I'm sure of it. I have many grocery receipts and eyeliner scrawled notes from moments I was caught unprepared without pen and paper.
12- I've personally found that if I'm stuck, I think of what the story would sound like written from another characters POV and I find I can break through my wall of worry and get back to the scene I have to finish.

And there you have it!

 What rules do you like best?


Donna K. Weaver said...

I've seen that poster before and found it to be very true. Some of your (almost) twelve really hit home, especially the last two, numbers 9 & 12. I love the idea of 12!

Canda said...

I like #10 a lot, but I need to do #12 1/2. I often get solutions to writing problems when I'm doing something else.

James Duckett said...

Those rules are hit and miss with me. Most of them I wouldn't call rules, I'd just call good advice. Or decent advice, on some of those.