Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How To Get Your Book Seen: Boxed Sets

Let's Get Visible with Boxed Sets and Anthologies
It wasn't long ago that if you put your book up on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble with the price of FREE that visibility was a given. Not anymore. Not since everyone and their dog is publishing now.

Amazon alone has over 32.8 million books for sale in various formats. Over 1.2 million of those eBooks and 22.9 million are paperbacks. (June, 2014) With about 5K new books being published each week. Amazing, right?

Free still works on a limited basis, but not like it used to, so what's a new author to do?

If you have at least three books out, then putting your book at a discount and then promoting it with newsletter based promos works well. You can also jump into the maze of paid ads on Google and Facebook, but I'd like to highlight one super fantastic way to get your name out there even if you only have one book out.

Get into a multi-author boxed set or anthology priced at a great discount. Why? It's great for sales, marketing, and audience building. There is true magic that happens as each author promotes to their respective fan base.

While the purpose for an author choosing to be in a boxed set can vary wildly, boxed sets serve readers' best interests.  We can reward our loyal readers and find new loyal readers. When you are a newer author, think of boxed sets as a way to expand your readership, not your wallet. When you do this, readers can't help but appreciate your attention to their needs. 

Daring Hearts
Benefits of boxed sets:

1. New people see your work
2. You can capitalize on the fans of others in the group
3. It's one more purchase point for your books
4. You reward your loyal readers
5. You expand your readership
6. You don't have to have a bunch of books out to see great gains
7. And, it's fun.

1. iWriteNetwork publishes two anthologies of novellas a year to help authors gain exposure and they are all written around a theme. The latest one has a theme of hidden identities.
The next theme is castles- oh, the possibilities. The authors have already been chosen for that one, but you can start thinking about submitting for the one after that with the theme of .

2. I've been in several boxed sets with books I'd already published which used to be the norm (like Girls on Fire) and now I'm in one with all new content. Daring Hearts: 8 brand new books for only 99 cents.  The goal of this boxed set is to reach the NY Times Bestseller List. If you love clean, adventurous reads, pick it up now for only .99 cents as a preorder. Once it's live, the price will go up. I'm excited for you to enter the world of Kate Hamilton.

I love buying boxed sets and anthologies because it give me as a reader the opportunity to discover new authors and I can do it at a great price.

What do you like about boxed sets? What's been your favorite?

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Kaye P. Clark said...

What a great post, Cindy! I agree, anthologies are a win-win for the writer and the reader.