Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Motivation for Writers

We've all heard the following:

BIC, HOK. (butt in chair, hands on keyboard.)

There are tons of other motivational phrases out there, and motivational posters, and motivational this and that and the other thing. Just run a Google search - there's a poster or meme for just about everything under the sun. And they're all great - we need reminders.

But there's one thing missing in this equation ...

I can't tell you to be motivated. You have to find that within yourself.

I've been mentoring writers for over a decade now (wow - that makes me feel old), and I've given a ton of motivational speeches. The thing that cracks me up is that I can say the most awesome, amazing powerful thing ever, and yet what really motivates my listener is something random I may have thrown in there as a side note, and not what I had planned to inspire them with at all. That's because everyone is in a different place, and what might light a fire under my belly might not do a thing for you at all.

So I have a challenge for you. Put aside all the pictures of clapping bunny rabbits and images of people sitting on edges of cliffs and take a moment to ask yourself what really does motivate you, as an individual. Then make that, whatever it is, a priority and a goal and a focus. I can't decide it for you. The poster makers can't decide it for you. It's as unique as you are.

And then ... BIC, HOK! Write the dang book! Get to work! 

And have a great week!


kbrebes said...

Critiquing motivates me most of all, then reading a fun book. However, reading an extremely well-written book seems to shut me down and make me feel hopeless, like I could never write something that covers all the bases.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

It's weird, but just the opposite of Kbrebes: Reading a good book motivates me, as it opens doors to the possible when I'm in a rut. And also, doing research motivates me, because it provides the "missing pieces" for scenes when I'm stuck. (I seem to write books that require a lot of research.) But I liked this post a lot. Sometimes you really do just have to "write the dang book"! And then re-write it. And re-write it again.

Kaye P. Clark said...

I agree with both of these comments. They work for me, too. Kbrebes, don't be discouraged. Your voice is your own--no one can write like you, either. Chatting with other writers on the iwritenetwork site motivates me. The chat room has been empty lately--where are you guys?