Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Overused Words

by Donna K. Weaver

What's an overused word? It's a word that is used so often, it loses its meaning. It's becomes a filler word, like ... like. But how do you know what words are considered overused and which ones are you overusing?

Remember, using a word a few times isn't an issue. It's using that same over many times.

A long time ago, I discovered a website called autocrit. It used to be that you could submit 500 words for evaluation. Now you have to sign up and pay a small fee.

I think it's pretty cool because you can learn a lot about your writing based upon the evaluation. Following is the report I got on an early project of mine.

After seeing this report, I became aware of areas where I tended to use the same type of phrasing or word usage over and over again. Note that it's not suggesting you never use some of these words, merely that you use them with discretion.

Are there any overused words that you use a lot?

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