Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Publish Your Book

Want to publish a book?

There are three stages of publishing.

#1 Get your book written and set up for success (set up publishing business, get all edits done, and get branded)

#2 Make your book pretty (covers, formatting, set up release, front and back matter)

#3 Get your book out there (eBook distribution, print distribution, marketing -social network, advertising, newsletter)
**For more in depth discussion on these items, go here.

Each is as difficult as the next, but all can be truly rewarding once you master them.  Self- Publishing is a journey that can be rich with fascinating experiences if you prepare. If you choose to slap a book up before it's ready, it can be stressful and hectic. Do it right the first time and sit back and relax as you see your little creation run wild.

You can be like this guy when you publish

 Instead of this one

By the way, what do you think of my latest cover? It's so different from all my others, but I think I'm in love. You can get Kate Unmasked and 7 other clean adventure books in one boxed set, Daring Hearts. It's only .99 cents for all 8 books. Snag it up. It will leave you wanting more.

What's your favorite genre?


G. Parker said...

I love that cover!! Good job. ;)

Michelle Zollinger Tams said...

Really great blending and harmonizing. Love the font and how easy it is to read. I wished the girl was down a little more with hair billowing around her and the Title and your name down closer to the bottom third. But that's just being picky. Great cover!

Cindy M Hogan said...

Thanks, Michelle for the awesome feedback! I like to be picky too. And thanks, Gaynell!