Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Book Reviews, The Adult Book Report

As authors we rely on getting book reviews. They help us gain access to various advertising avenues, and readers lists. So are you reviewing the books you read? I have to hang my head here, I'm not great at this. I often review on Goodreads, but I rarely post to Amazon. It's lame since I know how powerful those reviews are in the visibility of an author, so I set a goal to post all the books I'm reading from now on to both sites.
What goes into a good review? Just as in elementary school, you were given book report guidelines, a book review has key point you should hit. 

Book reviews should help a reader decide if they want to read the book. The review should contain the central idea, an indication of the author's writing style ie: this other author meets that author with a twist, and at the end you should have an overall evaluation.

 I often look for reviews that have several 1-2 star reviews on amazon because to me, this is a book that is talked about enough it made it past the target audience and may be something I'd be interested in. I for sure check out the 4-5 star reviews as well though! :)

Do us all a favor though, if you have spoilers in the review, let us know at the beginning of the post! 


Are you a regular reviewer? As an author do you read your reviews? 

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Donna K. Weaver said...

I am a regular reviewer, though I hate giving stars. They're just so subjective. I'd much rather read someone's thoughts about a book than just see some stars. That's meaningless to me.