Saturday, September 5, 2015

Call for Submissions - Sweet & Sassy Anthology: Beach Collection

We're calling for submissions for the spring Beach Collection. What are the Sweet & Sassy Anthologies and what's involved to participate?

PURPOSE: This is a promotional opportunity to broaden your readership and benefit in pooled marketing resources.

GENRE: Contemporary Romance (no YA and it has to be clean)

THEME: This varies with each volume, and they come out twice a year, in the spring and the fall. The first anthology was the Hidden Identities Collection and the second one is the Castle Collection.

In each case, the theme plays a major part in the story.

ORIGINAL WORKS: Submitted works must be original and not already published in some form somewhere else.

SIZE: 20,000-30,000 words

ROYALTIES: Once the initial cost of the cover creation, formatting, and marketing is paid off, any royalties will be split evenly between all anthology authors.

YOUR RIGHTS: These original novellas are only exclusive to the anthology for the first 90 days. After that, you may publish your novella in other mediums, using your own cover. (This is one of the reasons you  are responsible for paying for your own edit.)

PROFESSIONAL EDITING: You are responsible for procuring a professional editor for your submission at your own expense. Even if you are an editor, you're too close to your story to do your own. You need another professional to edit your work.

DEADLINES: The anthologies follow a tight schedule, below being an example for the spring 2016 anthology. If you are interested in submitting for consideration:

  • Submit story synopsis and 1st chapter to by October 30th 
  • Authors of accepted submissions will be notified by November 10th
  • Full drafts due for critique on January 15th (February for the Beach Anthology)
  • Return all critiques to contributing authors by January 30th (February for the Beach Anthology)
  • Complete revisions and edits on your story from the critiques returned to you by Feb. 15th (March for the Beach Anthology)
  • Have (at your expense) a professional line-edit completed on your story by February 28th (March for the Beach Anthology)
  • Submit author bio and back cover blurb for your story with your finished story on March 15th (April for the Beach Anthology)
  • Meet deadlines
  • $50 upfront for formatting, cover creation, and marketing. This will be paid back as funds become available from book sales.
  • Critique all works accepted for publication, and you will receive critiques from all authors for your submission, too!
  • Submit your story to critiquers and for final submission in Word doc or docx using 1" margins, 12 pt Times New Roman font.


Lindsay Malouf said...

Fun! Who doesn't love the beach???

Robin Ambrose Kirkham said...

Gah. Tempting...

Jennifer Bennett said...


Kaye P. Clark said...

I participated in the first two anthologies and thought it was a wonderful experience!

CMalone said...

I can't get the comments to work, but I'm interested.

Lindsay Malouf said...

Just sent mine in! Fingers crossed!

Canda said...

We got it Lindsay--Yay!