Thursday, October 22, 2015

What is the Theme of your Story?
My friend RaShelle (who is awesome sauce) posted a link to a blog that discussed the three steps to finding the theme of your story. RaShelle's comment about the post really caught my eye.

"Love this. heart emoticon Knowing the theme of your 

story is an immense help during the writing process." -Rashelle Workman  (to see the original FB post and link to the article click HERE)

Just for the record, I totally agree!

I thought the article pointed out a lot of great information.

My favorite line from the article was this: The best novels and the most life-changing memoirs you will ever read are the ones that help you discover a truth about the human condition.

So, what is theme in relation to stories?
  • The underlying message of the story or the main idea.
  • What the story means.
  • It is a belief or idea that goes beyond culture and is universal, touching on the human experience.
I like to sum it up with this statement: The theme of a story is the lesson or message about life that is learned from a story.

Basically, if you know what your story is about, what its meaning is, and what the lesson is, you know your theme. (Need more tips? Click here)

Need examples of themes? Click here.

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Donna K. Weaver said...

Great topic! Funny because I'd just been thinking about this very thing.