Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I'm sure you're aware of the old adage "Write what you know." And that's so true. But how can you write about a world that doesn't exist because you made it up? Or about technology that's far into the future? Can someone who's never lost a loved one write about loss?

However, we have imaginations. We can do research. Back in the day, that meant visiting a library. Hopefully, a really good library. Now we have the wonder of the Internet. There's a caution there there though. Not everything is accurate, so be sure to look for collaboration from other sites.

When it's possible, we might be able to visit a location, when it's real. I was able to do that for Lewistown, Montana, a location that places an important role in both A Change of Plans and in Torn Canvas. I'm really glad we did because we found out that the information available online didn't account for some wrong assumptions I'd made. Perhaps it was nothing to the general reader, but when writing about a real place, I prefer to make it as authentic as possible. Or you'll hear about it.

I promise you. O_o

The following photos are from a lovely bed and breakfast that we stayed in and was the inspiration for the one Jori stays in while visiting the town in Torn Canvas.

The town:

Fergus County Courthouse (Lewistown is the county seat):

Beautiful view:

But we cannot always visit a place. So what are you favorite a place. I love Google Earth. I've used it to follow roads in American Samoa, northern Washington State, and the island of Kaua'i. Want a good look at a real location? Want to "walk" the streets, so the speak? It's about as good an option right now as is available.

What are your favorite research resources?

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Canda said...

I hadn't thought of Google Earth--thanks! I've used it when reading a book. I also use travel videos from YouTube to get a sense of a place.