Tuesday, December 29, 2015

10 New Author Marketing Must-dos Before Publishing

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Wouldn't it be great if we could use a little HOCUS POCUS to sell our books like crazy? 
I get emails all the time giving advice to new and seasoned authors alike. When I like what I see, I take notes or keep the articles. I chose some things from those emails and posts and added my own 
2 cents to come up with this list. 

This post is to all those newbie authors out there and even the ones who got off on the wrong foot. Already published a book? That's okay, step back and follow these 10 steps to ensure 
your next release is a good one.

  1. Keywords– Brainstorm keywords for your book. what is your book about? Create a list of topics, ideas, similar authors, etc that fit your book. Use these keywords on the various sales channels, in your book’s description, on your blog, and in ads.
  2. Beta-readers – Find people willing to read and give honest feedback on your book. This not only creates early buzz for your book, but also gives you initial reviews to post once the book is published. Ask for these beta-readers on your social networks and through your newsletter.
  3. Hashtags  –what is your genre? What are your keywords? Use Twitter’s search functions and TwiTag.com and Hashtags.org to find hash tags that are used by readers of books like yours. This will not only help you to find readers to follow but also give you a good idea of the hashtags you should use when promoting your books on Twitter.
  4. Facebook groups and pages – Using the keyword list you brainstormed, find Facebook pages and Facebook groups that you can contribute to with what you know and questions you might have. Don't be there only to promote your book. The more people interact with you the more likely they are to read your book.
  5. Google+ communities  – Google Plus has a ton of communities that have to do with your keywords. Search them and then join the communities that are most active and be active yourself. Remember, you are not there to tell them to buy your book all the time. 
  6. Forums Find forums that are dedicated to your genre. If you write YA books, then go to the forums that cater to those who read YA books. Your keywords can also help you find forums that fit what your write. Be sure to link to your author website if it is allowed.
  7. Schedule – Have a plan. Don't just publish when you are finished with the book. You need time to set up all your launch promotions and get all your ducks in a row before you put your book out there. You want buzz that will put you in hot new release categories on book selling sites for as long as possible-you can't do that if you just throw it up.
  8. FB party – Set up a Facebook party and start inviting people. The forums, communities, and groups you became a part of will be invaluable for this. Send an invite (if allowed in that group) once, maybe twice, but that is all. You could even do a review blog tour that links to the party to get more people to come. Use keywords to find blogs to highlight it or hire someone to do the tour. Be active in the party even after the party is over.
  9. Who are your fans and where do they hang out? – You will want to figure out who would love to read your book. Think about your keywords and genre as you brainstorm. Find out where those people hang out online. Just like the forums and blogs-don't spam them with posts to purchase. Become a part of the groups and sales will come naturally.
  10. Cross-promotion  – Find authors that have books similar to yours (genre and content) and connect with them. Form a group and plan and hold promotions together. You will all benefit.
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Donna K. Weaver said...

Great suggestions here, Cindy!

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Nice tips! I've bookmarked this post. I do have a book coming out next year. Have a great day.