Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Computer Assisted Editing

By the time we're finished with a manuscript, I want to pull my hair out. It's frustrating to dissect every sentence to see if that's what we meant, and wanted, and need in the way we want to say it.

A recommendation from a writer in another group was to
check out ...

I decided to give it a try on a two-chapter section of the story we're working on now. Here's the report I received:
It allows you to click into each "issue" to see specifically where it is, and it may offer suggestions. You decide. It picked up vocabulary specific to a dialect that I wouldn't want to change, but it also pinpointed some others where I could make a better choice.

Each of the areas with issues, also has a detailed report. Here's one it gave me for sentence length. 

It seems like this software might be useful in the early editing phase. 
See what you think.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

iPublish is coming to Utah

It's coming! 
The final touches to the website are in the works and very soon, YOU will be able to sign up for the biggest indie-publishing conference in the world. 

iPublishCon--the conference that puts the power to self-publish in your own hands, from beginner to advanced.

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What classes should you expect to find at iPublishCon?
  • Formatting
  • Cover design
  • How to get reviews
  • Marketing galore
  • How to make teasers
  • How to make and use ads for the best return
  • The latest and greatest news
  • The psychology of writing
  • Business taxes
  • Contracts
  • Foreign rights
  • audio
  • And, and, and..
On top of all those how dos, you also get to meet and learn from people who run big businesses you use all the time with indie publishing like Bowker (where you get your isbns) Smashwords and Draft 2 Digital (indie distributors), Nook reps, Amazon reps, iTunes reps, Ingram reps AND industry leading authors who who do so well your toes might curl.

Check out iPublish in all these places:
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Google+
email us: iPublishCon@gmail.com

Love to VOLUNTEER at events? WE NEED YOU! Keep checking back for updates for your chance to volunteer.

How excited are you about this event? A publishing conference in Utah? Awesome.

Cindy M. Hogan 
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Keeping Writing a Priority

I get it, I get it ... life is crazy. We have work and home and family and community responsibilities. We're supposed to eat and sleep and shower. Brushing our teeth is always good, and I've heard that exercising should go in there somewhere. Other things, "extra" things, get pushed to the side when bigger things come up. But I have one suggestion. Keep writing a priority. Yes, there are days when it's impossible - the transmission blew or a child had to go to the ER or a neighbor needed a ride. That's just how things are sometimes. But when we get out of the habit, it becomes easier and easier to push it off until another time. And you know how you get when you don't write - you're grumpy. Let's face it - it's not pretty. Writing does so many things for us. 1. It makes us feel fulfilled. 2. It helps us tolerate life's unpleasant surprises better. 3. It gives us an outlet for our thoughts and feelings. 4. For many, it's relaxing. Until it's rewrite time, and then it's not. I've found for myself that when I keep writing a priority, other things in my life go better. Give it a try. See what you think. Even if it's only for ten minutes a day.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Connecting with Readers through Video

**Warning-this is a post full of questions….
and hopefully answers.

Can we talk video clips? You know, the ones that circulate Facebook and YouTube that make you laugh, cry, and shout out in anger? Yeah, those ones.

Do you like them or hate them?

Did you know that it is predicted that videos will be THE medium that people share in 2016 and
pictures will go by the wayside? Can you imagine your feed filled with only videos?
What does this mean for authors and readers?

It means readers are going to reap the benefit. 

You readers are going to get to see your favorite author doing all kinds of things that otherwise you’d never see or hear. Stuff like what they do in a typical day, what they love, what inspired them to set a book in a particular place, why they chose that particular character, their triumphs, their failures, and possibly even watch their process for brainstorming a book. The possibilities are endless. An author could even read a snippet of a book or a whole chapter to you. Author interviews will never be the same.

There are benefits to the author as well. You will be able to reach your audience in a very personal way if you so choose. It doesn’t have to be complex or even well thought out. Just turn on the camera and talk to your readers for 30 seconds to two minutes. Short and sweet. Give your readers what you couldn’t through your books.

Here’s a link to my very first live video. It felt weird doing it, but it was fast and easy and well, ME. I have other cool videos on my YouTube channel (YouTube here) too that you can check out. Have fun.

Goodbye to the book trailer and hello real author.

Is this something that excites you or freaks you out as a reader or as an author? Why?

Cindy M. Hogan

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