Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Covers. Covers. Covers. 3 Pro-Tips

Can we talk covers?

I've seen the good, the bad, the ugly, and the extraordinary. Here are three pro-tips to make sure your covers land in the extraordinary category.

#1 HIRE SOMEONE to create your covers. Your cover is what is going to sell your book.

This is how the system works:
1-The cover catches a customer's eye.
2-The customer buys the book- sometimes, but most of the time, the customer looks for more information.
3-The customer reads the catchy description-(on a print book this is the back of the book)
4-The customer buys the book or delves into reviews
5-If the customer reads the reviews and likes what he sees, he buys the book.

If you don't have a great cover-no one will buy the book-except maybe your mother or best friend.

Depending on the designer you choose, you can spend as little as $50 and as much as $450...possibly more.  If you write in a genre that requires an illustrated cover (or you just want one), it can get very pricey.  I've seen quality pre-made covers for as little as $50. If you are working with a tiny budget- go this route. I've never spent more than $140 on any of my covers. Keep in mind that if you are only do eBooks, you do not need a full wrap. If you want a print copy of your book, you will need a full wrap (This includes the spine of the book and the back as well as the front).

#2 A word of caution- 
Covers must convey genre and concept-not story

I like teen books. I like suspense and mystery and action. I won't even consider buying a book, without a hefty recommendation from someone I trust, if the cover does not show these things. Make sure that at a glance, a prospective reader can tell what genre your book is.

#3 Here's a little phrase to help you remember-
Covers are marketing, not storytelling.

Can you guess the genres of these books?
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1.)Romance 2.)YA mystery 3.)YA suspense 4.) YA contemporary

How'd you do? 
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Happy Reading

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pinterest Tip for Book Marketing

Use Pinterest to get your books seen by more people than regularly visit your blog. I use three elements to bring traffic in--original recipes, book covers and reviews, and memes. Then, along the sidebar, I post my books with links to their Amazon pages, like this

Step 1: Design blog posts that can have pin-able elements.
This includes pictures for my recipes,

Book Covers that lead them to my reviews,

and memes they want to save that will point them back to my blog.

Step 2: Pin to Pinterest

Step 3: Check your blog's analytics to see which pins people are interested in following back to your blog post. For me, they come for the original recipes.