Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Building an Author Mailing List

One of the tough things about being an author is also being a salesman. For most of us, marketing is like some alien concept. How do you find the readers who'd like what you write in the ever-changing world of publishing?
Source - Abhl Sharma

Some people pay big bucks to email lists like BookBub. But it can still be a hit-or-miss proposition. Are those people really the ones who would love what you write?

One way to target "your specific" readers is to start an email list. It's kind of like building your own personal BookBub-type list. These are frequently people who have read one of your books and would love to read more.

These not only provide you with a way to interact specifically with your readers, but to develop lists for a Street Team or an Advance Reader group.

Following are some resources to consider:

Have you used any of these? If so what were your experiences? Do you have other systems to consider?

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This is exactly what we need to figure out next.