Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Call for Submissions

Spots are available for new (never published before) novellas to be a part of our next Sweet & Sassy Anthology releasing April 2017. 

The theme is Europe
(meaning it must have part of the setting there and be a meaningful part of the story)
you must include a strong, clean romance element.
(No swearing. No sex. Nothing erotic please.) 
To submit, you'll need 
  • A full synopsis (tell all the plot points from beginning to end, including the ending)
  • The first chapter of your story.
  • Email to by October 30th.                       
The purpose of this anthology is to help provide more exposure for the authors included.

Those who are chosen for the anthology will need to pay $20.00 for cover and formatting and $25 for promotions, agree to adhere to the schedule and word counts, critique for all members of the group, and pay for their own story to be professionally line edited prior to final submission. All other deadlines will be emailed out to those who are chosen.

The accepted stories only have a 90-day exclusive to the anthology, then the authors may publish them on their own.

We are looking forward to reading your stories! 

Proposed Schedule

October 30: Submission of application (full synopsis and first chapter)
November 15 (on or before ): Notification to successful applicants 
January 31Draft (20,000-30,000 word count) sent to group for critiques
February 15 (on or before )Critiques back to all other authors
March 15 (on or before ): Professionally line edited final draft due
April 15Proposed publication date 

Royalties are paid twice per year in April and October.

Feel free to email, FB or comment any questions you may have. :)

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I'm excited about this theme!