Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Character = Plot = Character

One of my favorite professional development sites is a blog by
K.M. Weiland
called Helping Writers Become Authors

A couple of years ago, she did a 15-session series of weekly blogpost about character arcs and story structure that is amazing!!!

If you don't like to read blogs, NO PROBLEM. She podcasts most of her blog posts and embeds them in the post so you can just click and listen. In this series it begins on Part 2--you'll have to read part 1.

Here's a link to the first post in this series:

Creating Stunning Character Arcs, Pt. 1: Can You Structure Characters?

The best part of the lessons are the questions she puts in each segment that you can add to your story bible (or use to create one) to deepen your characters and story.


Carolyn Frank said...

thanks for sharing this.

James Duckett said...

Oh, yeah, she's amazing and one of my favorites! Every time she posts something, I start fan-boying.

Renae Mackley said...

I just devoured her character arc series. It was the first time all the things that I've been learning were put together in a way that hit home. A home run! Thank you for leading me to this blog.