Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How to Make your Blogger Site look like a Website in 11 steps

Do you already have a blog on blogger but want

#1 a website, too or
#2 do you want to ditch the blog all together in favor of a website, but don't want to start new? 

You CAN do both with blogger. YAY!
FReeDom AwaiTs. Grab hold of it.

I just changed my blog to function like a website using these 11 awesome and easy steps.

Here's my website that is linked to my blog. Just click HERE to see it. I love it. If you want it to be a static page without any buttons, you can do that too. The sky's the limit.
How did I do it?

Here are the 11 steps I took to make it look like a website. So easy.   Click HERE.

Cindy M. Hogan
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