iWN Retreat Fall 2017

September 14-17, 2017
Heber, Utah

How to sign up for this retreat: 

FYI: There are only 20 spots. All meals are included AND there will be mini-workshops on Building Your Presence as an Author and Marketing during the retreat so that if you choose to go to all the workshops, you will have all the tools you need to Brand yourself, and your books for your target audience.  See pics of the awesome accommodations for the retreat here. Sign ups open on Saturday, May 13th at 8am MST. NO EARLIER.

1. Pick which bed type/price you would like (see below)

2. Send an email to iWriteNetwork@gmail.com with your first and second preference for bed type. Include if you would like 1 payment or 3 and what your email is for your Paypal account. 

3. We will send you a confirmation email and a link to pay-through Paypal- (you may choose to split your payment into three and send one third immediately, the second on third on June 30th and the last third on July 30th. You must pay in full by July 30th.)  We must have your payment within one hour of receiving your confirmation email or your spot will be given to the next person in line.

NO REFUNDS-thank you. (You can, however transfer your bed to someone else if you discover you are unable to attend.)

The bed options:  (if you are planning to choose a queen or a king bed, you might want to find someone to be your roomie if you care who is in the bed with you.)

**Anything not highlighted is available
***Anything highlighted in red is reserved/paid for

Bedroom 1: 1 King with bathroom                    2 spots for $275 each

Bedroom 2: 1 Queen                           2 spots at $175 each
                                                         One, Two,

Bedroom 3: 1 Queen           2 spots @ $175 each

Bedroom 4: 2 Queens          4 spots @ $175 each
                                                       One, Two, Three, Four
                                             1 bunk bed
                                                      lower        upper

Bedroom 5: Queen and a Bunk   2 spots in the queen @  $175 each
                                                 One, Two,
                                                       1 upper bunk @ $150
                                                       1 lower bunk @ $200

Bedroom 6: 3 bunk beds            3 lower bunks @ $200 each
                                                       One, Two, Three

                                                    3 upper bunks @ $150 each
                                                       One, Two, Three

Bedroom 7: 1 Queen           2 spots @ $175 each

Bedroom 8: Queen and a Bunk   2 spots in the queen @  $175 each
                                                 One, Two,
                                                       1 upper bunk @ $150
                                                       1 lower bunk @ $200

Bedroom 9: Queen and a Bunk   2 spots in the queen @  $175 each
                                                 One, Two,
                                                       1 upper bunk @ $150
                                                       1 lower bunk @ $200

We are So excited to have you join us!!!
Have question? 

Email us-
The accommodations:

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